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Journey with like-minded souls on a shared mission of self discovery and building lifelong, lasting friendships. The social network for when you're ready to do deeper.  

is more than just a circle, it's your home for holistic happiness from the inside, out.

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Technology can't transform your life. But people and experiences can.

We're changing the way we connect and communicate and reintroducing the support, love and human touch of villages, in a next level social network where you can connect, expand your learning, practice self care and feel supported to grow your gifts. 

Want to experience a Beusail Circle Event? 
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When social media can take you only so far, you want Beusail Circles.

It takes a village to thrive and rise up!

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Make new, authentic adult friendships 

Guide, share, connect and grow your prosperity and purpose with deep friendships and lifelong connection. 

Yoga Group

Aware. Purpose. Prosper.

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Embark on your spiritual inner journey to transcend the limitations and societal ‘agreements’ placed on women and embrace your destiny! When you define your purpose and nurture your bestowed gifts, you will live a life of happiness, success and fulfilment. We are all born with genius. Have you stepped into yours?

Connect. Create. Serve.

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You will make meaningful, symbolic relationships with like minded souls who elevate your vibrations, expand your creativity and feed your infinite desires. When we come together, we empower each other to live in a state of Beusail. Beusail Circles are a trusted, safe space where we serve ourselves and our community with abundance, gratitude and grace.


Guide. Impact. Evolve.

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Together, we call on our ancestral wisdom and invoke our majestic powers as divine warriors to protect the earth mother, humanity and the future. 
 We are a conscious movement of women dedicated to using our collective powers for good to reconnect with the planet's natural state of harmony.

Your Path To A Fulfilled Life

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Daily Birdsongs

Beautiful custom, voice notes sent to let you know you are loved, thought of and always encouraged to fulfill your gifts. 

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Global Learning Events

Custom content from some of the best educators in the world to help you continue to grow, thrive and nurture your gifts.

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Live & On-Demand Courses, Yoga & Rituals

Support, connection and guidance you can look forward to and count on to inspire you to uncover, develop and own your purpose. 

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Weekly Meditations

We all need to take time to connect to our spiritual center and sometimes hit a reset button. Our custom meditations help you ground and explore.

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Moon Gatherings

We harness the power of the moon to guide us in our manifestation and energy clearing rituals. The moon is our ultimate guide.

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Seasonal & Annual Events

Our collective power and impact lies on our strength as a community. We come together annually to serve our highest purpose with intentional and lasting impact. 

You're Invited!
Join a Beusail Moon Gathering For Free!

If it feels like something is missing from your life, come experience the beauty, connection, love and energy our members bring to our gatherings and their circles.

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What is a Beusail Moon Gathering?

The Beusail Circle community comes together to harness the powerful vibrations of the new and full moons every two weeks. 

 Meaningful Connection Centered Around Living In A   

State of   

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Your home to be your authentic self.

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We lift each other up. Hold Space When Needed. Understand We Own Our Own Paths.

Friends at the Beach

How Circles Work

Sacred spaces created around the idea
that it takes a village

Attend a
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Be our guest at our next moon gathering to experience a Beusail Circle Event

Join a 
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Ready to create lifelong friendships while growing your gifts and exploring your potential and nurturing your soul?

Use your
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As a Beusail Circle member you receive $30 credit every month to shop the Beusail Marketplace. Self care that gives back. 

Meet Some of Our Circle Members

Beusail Circles are all about you. We love sharing your stories!

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Beusail Maiden's

Circle Events

We'd love to have you as our guest. Join our next Moon Gathering and experience the magic and energetic shifts that will fill your bucket, feed your soul and open your heart to your truest potential!

Your circle of women on a shared mission of transformation to create your ideal life are waiting for you!

This is your safe space to connect with conscious women calling on our ancestral wisdom and community to share gratitude and abundance, so you can step into your genius, creativity & self love.

Come elevate your vibration and celebrate your divine feminine warrior within!

Image by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals)


Conscious Community



Revenue Potential


Trained Circle Connectors

Your Affordable Monthly Beusail Circle Membership Includes $30 Credit to shop at


Treat yourself to self care rituals with an impact!

We all love beauty and wellness products that support our lifestyle and make us feel and look our best! We do it with award winning, clean products that support conscious consumption & give back to the United Nations Sustainability goals with every purchase.

Explore more of your Benefits from

We'd Love To See You at Our Next Moon Gathering

Moon Gatherings take place every 2 weeks. Meet other Circle Members and embrace the magic of the moon with us for free at the next one!

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