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Your physical,  spiritual and emotional needs replenished while building lasting friendships.  

If ancient villages had social media, this would be it. 

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Social media has gone too far and we've lost real connections in safe, trusted spaces with like minded people. Come, invest in yourself, the community and mother earth. 

How Beusail Circles Work

We don't balance. We blend. The best technology and real, in person connections, courses, yoga, meditation & next level, soul shifting events 

The Beusail Compass

Our shared values & beliefs

Feed your desire to explore, connect, ignite, preserve, give back and grow as spiritual, gifted beings.

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Meet The Team

Attend a
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Be our guest at our next moon gathering to experience a Beusail Circle Event

Join a 
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Ready to create lifelong friendships while growing your gifts and exploring your potential and nurturing your soul?

Use your
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As a Beusail Circle member you will receive up to $30 credit every month to shop the Beusail Marketplace. Self care that gives back. 

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Be our guest at our next moon gathering!

Are you curious about Beusail Circles, but not yet sure it if it's for you? We'd love it if you joined us and enjoyed one of our most beloved, sacred rituals.


You don't have to do it all alone. We're not! 

Fulfill your desires for spiritual connection, wisdom, learning and fun 


Inner Journey

Define Your True Purpose

Nourish Your bestowed Gifts

Build Your Prosperity

Connect with like minded souls

Practice self love and self care



Make Meaningful Relationships

Inspire, Lead, Empower

Serve With Gratitude & Abundance

Safe Spaces Built on Respect & Trust

Shared Values & Mission


Mother Earth

Guided by Ancestral Wisdom

Global Movement

Protecting You, Humanity &

the Future

Use your purchase power

for good

Evolve from Beusuch to Beusail

Curated content, live & on-demand events & courses done differently

Learn, grow and share in a community created for self expression and  journeying
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Daily Birdsongs

Beautiful custom, voice notes sent to let you know you are loved, thought of and always encouraged to fulfill your gifts. 

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Global Learning Events

Custom content from some of the best educators in the world to help you continue to grow, thrive and nurture your gifts.

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Live & On-Demand Courses, Yoga & Rituals

Support, connection and guidance you can look forward to and count on to inspire you to uncover, develop and own your purpose. 

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Weekly Meditations

We all need to take time to connect to our spiritual center and sometimes hit a reset button. Our custom meditations help you ground and explore.

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Moon Gatherings

We harness the power of the moon to guide us in our manifestation and energy clearing rituals. The moon is our ultimate guide.

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Seasonal & Annual Events

Our collective power and impact lies on our strength as a community. We come together annually to serve our highest purpose with intentional and lasting impact. 

First 1,000 Founding Members!

We're gifting you with $30 monthly credit to try new, female founded indie brands at 

We know you love shopping conscious brands and we want to help you support female founded brands made with love and passion for you and our earth mother!

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Vegan, Certified Cruelty-Free, Indie, Female Owned, committed to Zero Waste, Sustainability and Giving Back.

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Explore your benefits at

 Award winning, clean products that support conscious consumption & give back to the United Nations Sustainability goals with every purchase.

Your new home to connect, grow, share & learn

From small, intimate gatherings to world wide annual celebrations, we create memorable experiences that fill your soul and create lasting change within yourself, the community and for our earth mother.


Interesting in Becoming a Circle Connector?

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Do you want to lead women like you and generate revenue and residual income?

Become a Licensed & Certified Beusail Circle Facilitator to hold Beusail Circle gatherings that empower like-minded souls and help shape our movement.

Questions are great! Take a look below and see if we already answered yours. If not, send us a message please!

We always love a good chat!

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