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Beusail Secures $1.1M Scholarship to Accelerate Online Revenue for Female Founders

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Now, more than ever, the relevance of mastering online marketing and supporting female founders to grow their revenue has become even more apparent.

With retail uncertainty plus the opportunities that abound in ecommerce, there’s never been a better time for women-led companies to become digital entrepreneurs. Engaging an agency however can be hit and miss and will most likely require significant capital. In addition, anyone new to generating leads and sales online is essentially navigating new territory, and the decisions and next steps they face to win at the online game can be overwhelming and challenging.

“The average cost per acquisition online for beauty has jumped from $30 to $80 in the past 12 months. When you add agency fees to manage your PPC, it becomes less viable for most startups. The alternative is to bring it in-house but hiring a CMO and CTO is a $100K+ investment. In the absence of capital (with less than 5% of funding going to female startups), I was determined to address these barriers in order for female founded brands to drive their online growth,” explains Loehr.

Tamara Loehr, a known entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness space, is a firm advocate of women focusing on scaling their business online. And after 10 years of perfecting online sales techniques and strategies for her niche, the mother of two is now sharing the secrets behind how she continues to drive revenue online so fellow female-led business can do the same.

“Whilst a lot of women who have product-based businesses aspire to be in retail, this is a high-risk and expensive strategy. In fact, retail now demand to see online sales and traction before even considering a new brand. As part of my mentoring, I recommend they first master sales online, scale this to drive capital and then revisit retail. This way you’ll be in a much stronger negotiating and cashflow position,” Loehr explains.

Beusail’s Online Masters Program provides women-led companies with mentoring, along with the support they need with execution and implementation. This includes interactive workshops, one-on-one expert deep dive sessions, accountability monitoring, introductions to their inner network and access to their proven process and frameworks.

“Evergreen courses do not bridge the gap! Mentoring alone is valuable but still falls short on execution. It's only when we invest our time and resources that we can really accelerate their growth.” explains Loehr.

The Online Masters Program is a 9-month intensive virtual program designed to drive online lead generation and sales. It is ideal for companies with revenue exceeding $500,000, product or services based, wanting to scale their e-comm, automate sales and increase ROAS without the dependency on agencies.

“As an 8-figure entrepreneur and mentor, I am so proud to share that our program has successfully scaled participants revenue by 44%, including Bonnie from Archer and Olive who was at $3M when she started the program and is now on track for 8 figures in 2022,” Loehr explains.

Based on the success of the program, Tamara and her team at Beusail Academy have recently secured a $1.1M Digital Marketing scholarship to help subsidise the program for female owned companies.

The Scholarship is by application only and includes a 1-hour interview with one of the YPO mentors.

“It is vital to not only assess the business, but also the founder(s). Digital marketing is a complicated beast. To achieve fast growth online you need to have a thirst for learning and be willing to make digital marketing a priority for your business. This is the exact mindset past participants had and why they were able to achieve these results, and what we are looking for with our next group of mentees,” Loehr explains.

Applications are currently open and close soon.

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