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Female Founders And CEOs Are Less Motivated By Money!

Updated: 21 hours ago

Female founders are more motivated by meaning than financial gain. No surprises here to the Beusail co-founders.

According to Illuminate Ventures, male entrepreneurs are much more motivated by money than female entrepreneurs. Specifically, 15% of male entrepreneurs are motivated to start companies for financial gain while only 2% of female entrepreneurs are motivated in the same way.

Investing in a profit-driven entrepreneurs can be risky business. Chuck Shumer and Harvey Weinstein’s recent downfall is a good example of this harsh reality But their stories do more than just highlight their greed, they also show that money isn’t the most effective motivator.

In fact, scores of research confirm that people perform better on cognitively difficult tasks when they are intrinsically motivated, rather than extrinsically motivated.

Business is hard and things go wrong. With an uncertain future ahead, the entrepreneurs to back are those that are in it for the right reasons. They have purpose at the core of their organisation, with everyone on the team being aligned to a common vision.

It's in hard times that these businesses not only survive but thrive.

Beusail Academy is heading up by two female founders, who are experts in the for profit and purpose business model. Their program has attracted the leading impact-driven founders, both men and women, who are focused on making a positive impact.

In a forum-style weekly catchup, they work together to navigate what a profit and purpose driven company looks like, and how to scale it.

"The founders and CEOs in our forums are creating net-positive business models that will lead the change, and transform business into a force for good," founder Tamara Loehr explains.

"This is not about money or gender, but values alignment. When leaders are intentional, heart-centred and purpose-driven, consumers, employees, stakeholders and investors drive the business growth, NOT sales and marketing alone."

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