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YPO Event: Building In-House Marketing Capability to drive online growth

Business is pivoting to online. Online marketing is critical. Recruiting talent is brutal. Despite this, there are some businesses killing it online.


When you take a look 'under the hood', those winning all have three things in common:

• A clear and detailed strategy

• In-house online marketing resources

• An obsession for online metrics.


The moral of the story? If you want your business to win online, you need to master it for yourself.


With the rise in CPA, decline in ROAS, lack of ROI from agencies and difficulty recruiting in marketing, the need to build in-house capability that drives outcomes is vital. If this is not your wheelhouse, how do you make this transition?


During this event, you will learn:

• What are the fundamentals of online marketing and how do you manage and drive outcomes

• How to reduce your dependency on agencies by creating an online strategy that can be effectively implemented in-house

• How to set your in-house marketing director up to win with the support, direction and accountability.


What you’ll gain by watching:

• A transition plan to bring your marketing in-house including audits, budgeting and timelines.

• A scorecard for managing and driving in-house marketing activities and outcomes.

• Team structures and roles that include a mix of both in-house and offshore team members.


This event is suitable for founders and CEOs who want to drive online brand awareness, lead gen and sales without the dependency on agencies. Relevant for both services or product-based companies.

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