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We Invest in Potential and Purpose

As leading entrepreneurs specializing in investments in companies with valuations exceeding $20 million, our distinctive investment model at Beusail Academy seeks to foster growth, profit, and purpose through strategic equity partnerships. Notably, we prioritize businesses that align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, emphasize long-term sustainability, and hold a dual commitment to profitability and societal impact. With 50% of scholarships being reserved for female and minority founders, we are on a mission to bridge the gap in the absence of capital for women-lead companies.


Our Scholarships

At Beusail Academy, we bring a unique proposition to the table. We recognise that a significant portion of the capital companies are looking to raise are to be used on growth initiatives. Often, this is quickly diluted through expensive third party agencies and consultants, with mixed results. Our approach is to build in-house capability and resources in the key areas of marketing and sales, admin and finances, customer service and strategic alliances

Instead of a mere capital infusion, we offer strategic guidance and resources in exchange for equity, aligning our interests with the long-term prosperity of our portfolio companies.


Our supportive program focuses on three pivotal areas:

  • How do Beusail Circles work?
    Beusail Circles are a sacred, safe space. When you join Beusail Circles you will join the New Members Circle and be sent your welcome packet and Besuail Compass. All Circle members must sign the compass agreement and agree to abide by the group guidelines. These guidelines are to maintain the integrity and confidential nature of the Circles. If the Circle you first join isn't right for you, we help you find another one that feels more like home. Circle size is 9-13 members
  • How do I use my $30 Beusail Marketplace Credit?
    It's simple! Every month you will be emailed a Beusail Marketplace credit code that is good for 1 month. This code is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. Make sure you use yours up every month! - Code expires after 1 month - Must be used in one shopping session - Any credit not used at the time of initial use will expire - Shipping is not included
  • Can I change Circles?
    Absolutely! Like with anything else in life, something you have to try a few things out before you find what works for you. Same with Beusail Circles. You are welcome to change circles at any time. We will try to help you find another Circle right away, but it could take just a little bit extra time if all Circles are filled up already. You will be able to access all of your content, messaging and events without interuption.
  • Can anyone lead a Beusail Circle?
    Anyone who is aligned with our values is welcome to take the Beusail Circle Connector Course to be certified to lead a Circle. Even Maidens (members( will have to take the course in order to lead a Circle. That said, we would love for Beusail Maidens to become Connectors. Send us a mesage within the Beusail Circles Platform to find out more information. Not a member yet? Please message us using the contact us form on the site.
  • How do I become a Beusail Connector?
    Please go to the Connector section on this page (insert link) and fill out the form and we will get bback to you ASAP!


Why Partner With Us?

Our approach transcends conventional venture investments; we are deeply invested in your success. In addition to fostering growth, profit, and purpose through our supportive program, we have a remarkable track record of building and exiting companies successfully. Our expertise, experience, and commitment set us apart.

Notably, this program is valued at $250,000 USD and is accessible via application only. This exclusive offering is oversubscribed, as we select just four companies per year. This rigorous selection process reflects our dedication to curating a portfolio that aligns with our ESG values and exhibits the potential for both financial success and positive impact.

In summary, at Beusail Academy, we believe in elevating businesses that stand for profit and purpose, are ESG-aligned, and are committed to maximising value in preparation for the liquidity event. Together, we'll embark on an impactful and transformative journey, unlocking your company's potential for financial prosperity and meaningful change.

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