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I'm ready to join this elite forum!

Online Masters Program



Do you have funds available for investment in online business growth?
Current percentage of online revenue:
Do you have an in-house marketing team?
Are you committed to Profit and Purpose?

Once applied, we will review your application 

and schedule your complimentary deep dive 

session with Tamara.


That’s $47,350 value for the price of just

(or 9,300 plus 3 x quarterly payments 3,400).

Co-Founders of Beusail Academy.jpg

This Online Masters Program is intentionally designed for established companies to scale revenue online:

  • Learn the fundamentals  of online marketing in order to provide the leadership to manage and drive online growth

  • Reduce your dependency on agencies and third-party consultants by creating an online strategy that can be effectively implemented in-house with affordable external support.

  • Support your in-house marketing person with the support, direction and accountability required to drive outcomes. Note, marketing managers are invited to join you in the program.

What’s included the program:

The 9 month program starts with a half day strategy session with Tamara and Natalie and audit, and then a 9 month program that is delivered via a 2-hour real-time virtual sessions every week focusing on one of the following key areas:

  • Online Strategy Session & Audit

You and your team will complete a strategy session with Tamara and Natalie to create the online marketing plan including the development of all foundations required to scale online. A detailed audit will also be conducted to provide insight into your current online performance and key metrics. This will identify what areas we need to focus and key areas of opportunity over the next 9 months, as well as a transition plan for bringing your digital marketing in-house.

ONCE-OFF: Total 1 day 

$13,700 Value

$9,300 for Program Participants

  • CMO/CTO Digital Marketing Deep Dive & Workshop

Following the Online Scaling-Up Blueprint, a high-level CMO/CTO will do a deep dive into key drivers for online growth. This live session provides context around how to apply the digital marketing training into your business, followed by a 1 hour workshop. These sessions are focused on creating an execution plan and gaining direction on how best to implement it.

MONTHLY: Total 9 sessions (Founders and their Head of Marketing welcome)

$7,740 Value

  • Online Giant Special Guest

Industry giants who have mastered digital marketing come and share their insights, learnings and best practices with the group. Gain access to vital insight and online trends   to set your company up for success. 

MONTHLY: Total 9 sessions (Founders and their Head of Marketing welcome)

$1,920 Value

  • Digital Marketer Certified Training

We have partnered with Digital Marketer to provide certified training for participants and/or their marketing manager. This training provides the founder with the foundations of online marketing in order to direct and manage their team, as well as a proven globally recognized framework for the entire team to follow and scale.

SELF-PACED Evergreen (12 modules). 1 x 12 Certifications per Company. Additional available on request.

$11,880 Value

  • One-on-one 1 hour Mentoring & Subject Matter Expert Sessions

Choose from the program mentors and experts to have a 1 hour one-on-one deep dive session. There are many specialist fields within Digital Marketing to master, from Online Automation to Funnel Hackers, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to Amazon. To support your mentors, our panel of experts have been hand selected to assist you and/or your marketing executive on the execution of your key drivers. 

MONTHLY: Total 9 sessions (Founders and their Head of Marketing welcome)

$8,910 Value

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